About BoostEdu

BoostEdu – Boosting relevant and applicable continuing education in the food sector – is a strategic partnership between six European universities founded by the Erasmus+ programme, Key Action 2: Strategic partnerships. The objective of BoostEdu is to establish a platform for creating and implementing flexible continuous education for food professionals across Europe, in the first step targeting the need to develop innovation and entrepreneurship (I&E) skills in the European food sector. During the development of the BoostEdu I&E programme, selected food companies in Europe have been involved to ensure a close relation to the transnational industrial needs for continuous education.

The idea is to efficiently and rapidly transfer the high quality, international, comprehensive knowledge at the partner universities in the area of I&E to a wide community of food industries with the use of digital pedagogical tools and flexible learning methodologies, and thereby reduce the distance between academia and industry.

The target audience of BoostEdu is food professionals; employees (technical staff and leaders), entrepreneurs and start-ups, together with students and lecturers at educational institutions, stakeholders representing the food sector and the general society.

The intended learning outcomes are

  • Learners will understand the key aspects of I&E in the food sector
  • Learners will recognize the characteristics of entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship
  • Learners will recognize the importance and role of the team
  • Learners will understand different types of and the creative path towards innovation
  • Learners will recognize the importance of a sound financial plan